Tango Books

When tango captivates our hearts and becomes a passionate part of our lives, we are eager to learn more about its aspects. Here we can offer you our selection of books to enrich your knowledge of the dance technique, as well as of the inner emotions we go through on the dance floor. Enjoy reading!

Twelve Minutes Of Love

Twelve Minutes of Love: A Tango Story

Kapka Kassabova

To the true tanguero, tango is something akin to a religion, attracting the lost, the lonely, and the fanatical with its formal rituals, its sense of belonging, and its intense emotions. Kapka Kassabova first set foot in a tango studio ten years ago and, from that moment, she was hooked. With the pulse of tango thruming through her body and the music filling her head, she's danced through the night, from Auckland to Edinburgh, from Berlin to Buenos Aires, suffering blisters and heart-break, as well as forging lasting friendships and experiencing all-too-brief moments of dance-floor ecstasy.

"An exquisitely crafted blending of travelogue, memoir, dance history and some seriously good writing on the human condition, "Twelve Minutes Of Love" delves deep into the obsessive nature of tango fanatics and vividly depicts a world full of beauty and heartbreak, of love and loss." - The Independent

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Dimitris Bronowski

English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Dutch, and Turkish editions

This book is for those who look for meaning, connection, and awareness in tango; in one word: Tangofulness. It is for those who know how it is to be hugged and feel safe; for those who have experienced a few best-tanda-of-my-life moments and want more of them. Above all, it is for those who want to explore the origin of meaningful connection in tango, not as an intellectual process, but as a practical way to experience tangofulness more often and in greater intensity.

Readers have found themselves laughing, crying, nodding, and pausing to think. Others mentioned a warm feeling in their heart and a stronger desire to go back to the dance floor. In this book you will find honest thoughts and a desire to bring more humanity, humility, and connection in tango.

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Tango Tips By the Maestros

Tango Tips By the Maestros

Dimitris Bronowski

This book brought together for the first time in the tango history icons of tango, judges of the World Tango Championship (Mundial de Tango), world champions, and experienced teachers from around the world, and asked them one question: If you could give a few pieces of advice that you consider extremely valuable to a few tens of thousands tangueros and tangueras, what would you say? The maestros covered topics from musicality to elegance, from connection to balance, from embrace to trust, from body awareness to the difference between good and great dancers. Together, they tackled questions such as developing a personal style, reducing tension, creating warmth, dancing more, learning faster, breaking through the plateau that keeps some people's tango the same (hint: your technique is rarely the issue). The purpose of the book is one: to help you, the eager tanguero and tanguera, enjoy tango more and discover actionable, clear, and simple advice to develop further the necessary skills of this beautiful dance.

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