Tango Events In Countries Nearby


Sultans Tango Marathon

Istanbul, 01.06. - 06.06.

Six nights of warm embraces and unforgettable tandas during the iconic Istanbul event.


Entre Suenos Tango Marathon

Athens, 03.06. - 05.06.

Forty hours of quality dancing, 120 gender balanced participants plus our very own Gergana Mamaloca Boeva being part of the DJ team.

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Tango Art Action Vacation Delphi

Delphi (Greece), 10.06. - 13.06.

Tango Art Action combine holidays and our love for dancing and culture on the terrace of Epikouros Centre with the breath-taking view of the Itea Gulf.

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Seaside Tango Retreat Budva

Budva (Montenegro), 16.06. - 19.06.

Four summer days by the sea in beautiful Budva and accompanied by Argentinian maestros Claudia Codega & Esteban Moreno.

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Sol y Mar Tango Camp

Antalya (Turkey), 16.06. - 19.06.

An extended tango weekend in Antalya with workshops by leading Turkish tango couples, milongas and a boat tour.

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TanGo'thica Tango Festival

Corvin's Castle (Romania), 17.06. - 19.06.

A unique experience in Corvin's Castle, a monument with great charm. Special guests: Neri Piliu & Yanina Quinones and Tanguango Quinteto Beograd.

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Nikomedia Tango Weekend

Masukiye (Turkey), 17.06. - 19.06.

A weekend that will allow you to rejuvenate with lush nature, attend workshops and share your dance in milongas.

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Tango Ambassadors - Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne

Bucharest, 17.06. - 19.06.

Bucharest is happy to invite you to join Tango Ambassadors 6 with Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne.

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Tango Weekend with "Juan D'arienzo" Orchestra

Nicosia (Cyprus), 18.06. - 19.06.

One of the world-renowned Argentine tango orchestras, "La Juan D'arienzo", comes live for the first time in Cyprus, for a unique night in old Nicosia.

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TresTango Montana

Drvengrad (Serbia), 24.06. - 26.06.

Six milongas with the great new DJs in one of the most beautiful ethno villages in the world. Plus a huge dance hall of about 400 m2 of parquet.

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Barbara Ferreyra & Agustin Agnez (World Champions 2021)

Thessaloniki, 25.06. - 26.06.

We welcome the unique maestros from Argentina: Barbara Ferreyra & Agustin Agnez (Tango Champions 2021) for seminars and an unforgettable show.

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10. Assos Tango Camp

Assos (Turkey), 30.06. - 03.07.

Four days of sun, sand and sea - accomodation, half-board basis, 15 seminars, and 3 milongas with after parties on the beach.

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Sunny Tango Festival & Marathon

Heraklion (Crete Island), 01.07. - 03.07.

The magical island of Crete will offer you an unforgettable weekend of relaxation, tango seminars and milongas full of sunny smiles.

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Poros Summer Tango Weekend

Poros Island (Greece), 01.07. - 03.07.

Open-air milongas by the pool, grill party "Asado", many dives, dances, embraces and surprises.

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Mediterranean Summer Tango Festival

Porec (Croatia), 06.07. - 11.07.

One of the biggest tango events in Europe is back - four of the most beloved tango couples, pool parties and 2,600 m2 dancefloor.


8th Lesvos Tango Marathon

Lesvos Island (Greece), 07.07. - 10.07.

Live your tango myth this summer at the coolest tango event in Greece. Mark your calendars for a big international party.

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Los Totis in Athens

Athens, 08.07. - 10.07.

We are happy to welcome in Athens one of the greatest tango couples Los Totis: Christian Marquez and Virginia Gomez for series of workshops and a magnificent show.

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Tangoneon - Tango Cultural Festival

Heraklion (Crete Island), 11.07. - 17.07.

Tangoneon celebrates with a whole week for tango - lessons, milongas, concerts, movies, a photo exhibition, games, a poetry night, and many more.


Cappadocia Tango Marathon

Cappadocia (Turkey), 14.07. - 17.07.

An unforgettable holiday in Cappadocia with accomodation, meals, SPA and 5 afternoon and evening milongas.

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Tango.2 - Una emocion

Sibiu (Romania), 14.07. - 17.07.

Sibiu's tango festival is spreading joy again - this year's maestros will be Murat Erdemsel & Eleonora Kalganova and Lucian Stan & Daiana Pujol.

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1st Abrazo Milonguero Tango Marathon

Paralia Katerini (Greece), 22.07. - 24.07.

Six milongas in the spacious 600 sq.m hall of Mediterranean Village Hotel & SPA 5*, on the beach of Paralia Katerini.

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Skopje Tango House Weekend

Skopje, 22.07. - 24.07.

North Macedonia's capital welcomes you for a special summer weekend with Antonella Terrazas & Csongor Kicsi.

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Summer Tango Retreat Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids

Visoko (Bosnia and Herzegovina), 22.07. - 29.07.

Powered by Sarajevo Tango Festival this retreat includes daytime and evening milongas, workshops, tango workouts and yoga classes.

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Tango Experiential Festival

Fuzine (Croatia), 01.08. - 07.08.

A unique tango festival which brings art, tango and self-development together - neo-tango milongas and workshops, yoga, lectures, connection with nature.

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Souvlaki Tango Marathon

Limassol (Cyprus), 04.08. - 08.08.

The 5th anniversary of the Cypriot marathon is here to bring together 220 participants for more than 40 hours of dancing + all of the earnings go to charity.

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Mil Pasos De Tango

Felix Romuliana, Zajecar (Serbia), 05.08. - 07.08.

Open-air dancing in the ancient Roman city Felix Romuliana and the beautiful site of the Matalj winery.

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Samos Tango Festival

Samos Island (Greece), 25.08. - 29.08.

On the island of Samos maestros, dancers and tango lovers will share workshops, performances and magical experiences during 5 days full of activities.

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Thessaloniki Tango Party

Thessaloniki, 26.08. - 28.08.

A free open-air tango event in the heart of charming Thessaloniki with milongas in the Archeological Museum.

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Los Amigos Tango Marathon

Rize (Turkey), 31.08. - 04.09.

During the day you will enjoy outdoor activities in the beautiful nature of Rize and will dance tango all night long in front of a spectacular view.

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A Los Amigos Tango Festival

Rethymno (Crete Island), 01.09. - 04.09.

The famous Cretan tango festival celebrates 10 years of embraces with Chicho & Juana, Fernando & Ariadna, Loukas & Georgia.

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Tango Embrace Slovenia - Encuentro Milonguero

Rogaska Slatina (Slovenia), 09.09. - 11.09.

The event will take up to 150 participants dancing milonguero style in the magnificent location at Grand Hotel Rogaska Slatina.

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3rd Greek NeoTango Marathon

Marathon Beach (Greece), 09.09. - 11.09.

A holiday weekend close to Athens with afternoon & evening neolongas and international team of DJs.


11th Izmir Tango Marathon

Cesme (Turkey), 16.09. - 18.09.

This year the marathon will be held in Cesme, the pearl of Izmir, where you will enjoy sun, sea and tango at Medis Resort Hotel.

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Bratislava Tango Love

Bratislava, 16.09. - 18.09.

Tango festivalito with a marathon feeling. Maestros of the event will be Pablo Rodriguez & Majo Martirena and Bruno Tombari & Rocio Lequio.


Tangomim Fetiye Tango Camp

Fetiye, 21.09. - 25.09.

Not just a tango camp or a festival or a marathon - it is all three in one. Warm summer abrazos in 5 days with Serkan Yigit & Zeynep Aktar, Ezgi & Ezgi and Juan Cabral & Ezgi Omuris.