Tango in Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas


Tango Aficionado

On the first Monday of the month - Milonga in bar "Craft", 15 Abadzhiyska Str.

On the third Wednesday of the month - Practilonga in the hall at 2 Vasil Sokolov Str.

On the fourth Thursday of the month - Milonga in bar "Magnolia", 62 Arhitekt Kamen Petkov Str.

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Tango con Elias

Every Saturday - Practice at 15 Koprivkite Str.

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Milonga Pure Tango

Saturday or Sunday / twice per month - 1 Hristo Botev Blvd., 5th floor

Free Tango Practice

Sunday - Dance Club "Electra", 22 Zhelezni Vrata Str.

Milonga Lucia

Monthly, irregular - Bar "Cheers Whiskey & Cocktails" 117 Republika Blvd.

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Tango Portal Varna

Varna Tango Event


Tango Club Burgas

Wednesday - Milonga/Practice at the Sea Casino (Sea Garden)

Friday (irregular) - Milonga at Bar Equilibrium, 4A Baba Ganka Square

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Elite Tango

Saturday - Practice at the Youth Cultural Center, 39 William Gladstone Str.

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