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Latin Force

50 Tsar Samuil Str.

Latin Force Dance Studio offers different styles of dances, both for children and adults - Salsa, Bachata, Cha-cha, Kizomba, Zumba, Swing, Hip-hop, Modern dance, Classical ballet, Modern ballet, Argentine tango, Sport dance, Bulgarian folk dance, Belly dance, Pilates, Tabata, Wing Chun. The studio can provide you with the following services - group lessons, individual lessons, choreographies for special occasions, show programs and animations for events, music mixtures. We work with professional and distinguished instructors!


Beginners with Pavel and Bella - Wednesday from 21:30 (50 Tsar Samuil Str.)

Pavel and Bella

Bella Haritova has been dancing many different dance styles, including classical ballet, contemporary dance, sports dance and salsa. In 2007 she discovered the Argentine tango and together with her partner Pavel Nedev they began taking lessons with Ivo Parushev and Chavdar Krumov. They have private lessons and attend a number of seminars with Argentine and Italian instructors. After that, they both strat teaching at various dance studios in Sofia and participate in the tango demonstrations, organized by Tango BG. Bella studied modern dance and graham technique with Tsvetanka Gerginova. She has attended professional training in classical ballet and contemporary dance. She studied ballet with the dancer Tsvetanka Petkova, then with Mary Gezentchova and with the prima ballerina Vesa Tonova. She finished a training program in contemporary dance, Dance port Derrida in 2014 and crrently she is part of Derrida’s Dance Center. She has participated in various performances and projects, including Metronome of the choreographer Zhivko Zheliazkov, Fortified spaces of the American choreographer Sidra Bell, In the eyes of others – choreographer Michaela Grivev, Home – of the Portuguese choreographer Louis Marafa and others. She continues to seek new ways of expression in order to make her dance skills perfect in each style she performs, she practices yoga, and she is actively engaged with various forms of the contemporary and classical dance and together with that she is interested in Nuevo tango.

Pavel Nedev started dancing salsa in 2006. Shortly after, he discovers the Argentine tango and starts intensive lessons with the founders of the tango community in Bulgaria – Chavdar Krumov and Ivo Parushev. He has attended seminars with Argentine and Italian teachers, including Monika Parra, Maximiliano Paradiso, Mazen Kiwan, Luca Lamberti, world champions in tango salon for 2012, Facundo De La Cruz and Paola Sanz, the creators of the Body Awareness Method Applied to Argentine Tango – Marcela Trape and Mario Ferraro, and many others. After a few years of training, he was offered to teach and together with his partner Bella Haritova they begin leading classes in various dance studios in Sofia. Meanwhile, together with Bella they began lessons in modern dance and graham technique. The went to a dance competition show in 2008 and won first place. They participate in tango demonstrations organized by Tango BG. Pavel is interested in Nuevo tango and contemporary dance techniques and continues to look for new ways of expression and to practice new various dance styles.

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