Tango Dreams

Sofia, "Bulgaria" Hall - 19:30, 11 March 2024

TANGO DREAMS, 11th of March, in "Bulgaria" hall is the event that will officially open the European Music Festival in Sofia this year. The concert will carry the listeners away to the magical world of Argentine music. The day of the event was chosen on purpose it is Astor Piazzolla's birthday.

TANGO DREAMS brought together two notable Bulgarian musicians. One of them is the brilliant pianist Lyudmil Angelov who is one of the best contemporary performers of Chopin but this does not prevent him from sharing his passion for tango. Significant musical projects with tango music are part of his recent musical biography. In 2016 he and Vesko Eshkenazi released the album "Tango" which premiered at the "European Music Festival" in Sofia and then has been promoted on a large national tour. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Piazzola's birth, Angelov created the "5/4" Tango Ensemble and together they performed a number of successful concerts.

The other leading figure in TANGO DREAMS concert is Stoyan Karaivanov - the most famous bandoneon performer in Bulgaria and the only bandoneon player in the country who uses a classical Argentine system. He studied the instrument from Juan Jose Mossalini and Daniel Binelli. The 26-year-old performer and the youngest winner of the "Musician of the Year" award became one of the stars of the Bulgarian music scene. "Libertango" orchestra /Orquesta Tipica Libertango/ was created by Stoyan Karaivanov in 2022 with the participation of prominent young Bulgarian musicians. "Our goal is not just to play at concerts but to make music," says Karaivanov.

The musical pieces in TANGO DREAMS concert have been selected in such a way as to follow the development of the genre from the early classical examples to the pinnacle of creativity of Astor Piazzolla, creator of the Tango Nuevo style. In addition to pieces by Osvaldo Pugliese, Raul Garrejo, Eduardo Rovira, Agustin Bardi and Osvaldo Ruggero, Piazzolla's suite The Angels and the great cycle The Seasons of Buenos Aires will be performed. The atmosphere of tango will come alive with the attractive presence of the dance couple Maria Uzunova and Vladislav Petrov who are trained by the greatest tango masters in the world and have been working for years to popularize tango culture in Bulgaria.

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